6 things you didn’t know about hotels with suites

Why cramp yourself into a small hotel room when you could enjoy the comforts of your own home in one of our suites?


#1 Suites include:

A fully stocked Kitchen. Grab a snack or make a cup of coffee for you and your colleagues in your spacious comfortable suite. At Regency Hotel & Suites we've got pots, pans, dishes, a dishwasher, cutlery and even a Keurig coffee machine!


#2 Suites Include:

Standard, One Bedroom, or Two Bedroom suites. Whatever space you need, we’re here to accommodate. We've got suites ranging from 500 sq ft to 800 sq ft.


#3 Suites Include:

High Speed Internet and Cable. Get some work done or catch up on your favourite shows at the highest speed. We've got both Wifi and Wired, and all our rooms have flat screen TVs.


#4 Suites Include:

A Work Desk with Ergonomic Chair and Desk Lamp. Get some work done in the comfort of your own suite with our spacious desks.


#5 Suites Include:

On-Site Laundry. Catch up on your laundry with a comfortable night in at the hotel. Don’t feel like you need to pack for an eternity.


#6 Suites Include:

A Homey Feel. Tired of being on the go? Stay with us for a comfortable, homey feel. Relax and enjoy yourself in our fully furnished suites with contemporary furniture in warm colours and all the amenities you could ask for.