Save our planet. Reuse hotel towels.

  Posted:a month ago

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Save our planet. Reuse hotel towels.

Staying at a nice hotel is always a luxurious experience. You get clean sheets, towels, soaps, and shampoos that are laid out and ready to be used.

Technically, you can use new towels every day during your hotel stay, but have you thought about the impact that has on the environment?

Here's a Hint: The Impact is Pretty Big

If you spend a lot of time in hotels you've probably noticed that many places now have signs to let guests know they can reuse towels to help preserve energy and water.

According to a National Geographic article,

The American Hotel and Lodging Association estimates that the request reduces the number of loads of laundry washed—as well as the related water, sewer, energy, and labor costs—by 17 percent. The association also notes that such programs increase the lifespan of towels and linens, thus reducing replacement costs.

- National Geographic

It may seem like a bit of a chore having to hang up your towels while you're traveling, but this is a small adjustment when you compare it to the benefits.

You may think, "I'm just one person," but reusing hotel towels does make a difference. For every person who chooses to care and make a change, the benefits grow. Save our planet. Reuse hotel towels.

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I've come to Regency several times over the past few years for medical procedures in Calgary. I've always felt welcome and enjoyed my stay over the years.

- Thomas C.