Planning an extended stay in Calgary? Regency Suites offers specially designed rooms with everything guests need to make their extended stay as comfortable as possible.

These rooms feature fully-equipped kitchens with Keurig coffee makers, 39" flat screen TVs, and high-speed wireless internet.

Here are a few tips to help make your extended hotel stay feel even more like home:

Keep the place tidy

Part of the convenience of staying at a hotel is that housekeeping will take care of your basic cleaning needs.

However, when it comes to extended stays, taking the time to keep the place clean and organized will help make you feel like you are staying in an apartment rather than a hotel.

Establish a routine

A weekend getaway at a hotel for a meeting, wedding, or vacation can be hectic and fast-paced.

Extended stays are a little bit different. It's a good idea to establish a regular routine from the start so you can stay busy and productive during your time away.


Keeping your belongings in a suitcase for the weekend is normal. Why unpack if you're going to have to pack up again in a couple of days?

If you are staying at a hotel for an extended period, unpacking can make your stay more comfortable and makes it easier to keep track of your belongings.

Explore the area

Nothing is worse than an extended stay where you are locked in your room the whole time in an unfamiliar city. When you arrive, take the time to get to know your surroundings.

Find a favorite coffee shop, a gym with a weekly or monthly membership, and other places that you can turn to when you feel like getting out and exploring. There are plenty of affordable things to do when staying in downtown Calgary.

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  Posted: Thursday, June 21st, 10:00am a year ago

I stay at Regency for my business travel because of the price and availability. The rooms are very nice and housekeeping is fantastic! -L. Preston

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